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Berry Blue Haiku is a quarterly digital magazine focusing on haiku for kids up to age 13. In each issue, we will bring you contests, articles, lessons, as well as puzzles with haiku/senryu related-fun.

If you are a writer or an illustrator, please familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines before submitting.

If you still have questions after reviewing our guidelines, please contact us at berrybluehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com (email must be formatted properly to function).

Our first issue is due out in June 2010.

**Submission guidelines may change without notice.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Berry Blue Haiku Author Guidelines

Last Update: April 14th, 2010

We are open to all types of haiku: nature with a seasonal word (kigo), modern, human haiku (often called senryu), or fun haiku.

Our general definition of haiku is a two- or three-line poem that transmits a moment or feeling through sensory images. A haiku often paints different/contrasting images, or leaves the reader with an a-ha! moment.

**Please note that we tend to gravitate away from haiku that follow the 5-7-5 syllable form as it often results in haiku padded with unnecessary words. This padding can weaken a haiku's effect. For more insight on what we look for in haiku, please review our style tips.

Nonfiction Articles:

We will feature articles on haiku and related forms such as haiga, and haibun; topics may include (but are not limited to) ideas for the classroom, how-to articles, historical articles and/or current-practice articles on the forms, and biographical articles on haiku masters such as Basho, Chiyo-ni, Issa, Shiki, Buson, etc.

Please remember to include the age range (or grade level if you intend your article for classroom use) of your targeted audience.

**For articles and lessons, please query first. See below for information about query submissions.

Other things we'd like to see:

• Haiku lessons/exercises that could be used in classrooms or at home.
• Advice and tips on writing haiku.
• Crafts incorporating haiku, such as bookmarks, gift tags, postcards, etc. Please include photos if possible.
• Haiku projects for gift ideas.

Haiku and Craft Submission Requirements

• Send up to five poems, or one craft/project idea per submission, pasted in the body of your email.
• Format your subject title with either Haiku/Senryu (haiku is fine for either) or Craft Submission and if it is season-themed. ex: Haiku Submission--Winter Themed. If your haiku are for different age ranges or seasons, simply  put Miscellaneous Haiku Submission in the subject title. Please keep all haiku in ONE email.
• Please indicate in your cover letter if your submission is simultaneous, and notify us immediately if another publication accepts it.
• Please specify the age level of your poems, or craft idea.
• We prefer to review unpublished material, but will consider reprints. Please indicate in your cover letter where and when the submission first appeared.
• We ask that you wait for a response before submitting to us again.
• Include a brief third person bio.
• Send haiku submissions to Michele Pizarro Harman: mpizarroharman(at)gmail(dot)com
•Send craft and project submissions to Gisele LeBlanc: berrybluehaiku(at)gmail(dot)com
(Emails will need to be formatted properly to function.)

Nonfiction Queries

• Please paste your query into the body of your email.
• Your subject line should include the words, "NONFICTION QUERY", as well as the title of your tentative project.
• Please send only one query per email.
• For article length requirements, see below.
• Send to Gisele LeBlanc: berrybluehaiku(at)gmail(dot)com (Email will need to be formatted properly to function.)

Nonfiction Submissions Length

children up to 6: 50 - 150 words
7 -10 year olds: 150 to 500 words
11 -13: 500 to 1000 words

Response times

We will do our best to respond to all submissions within two weeks. Response time will be longer on submissions under consideration.

Subscribe to our blog at for more up-to-date information about submissions such as what we need, what we have overstocked, delays in response times, etc.

You may also subscribe to our Twitter feed at:


All contributors will receive free access to the issue in which their work appears. (Note that for the first issue, which will be available to everyone, contributors will also receive free access to the Berry Blue Haiku September 2010 issue).

We currently do not pay for haiku; however, our three favorite haiku will each receive $10.00 US, payable by PayPal ONLY. If the contributor does not have access to PayPal, we will send a gift certificate from for the same amount.

Setting up a PayPal account is free. See details here.

Articles/lessons/crafts up to 500 words: $5.00 US
Articles/lessons/crafts over 500 words: $10.00 US


Berry Blue Haiku acquires Non-Exclusive Worldwide Electronic Rights for one year from publication date. With author’s permission, particular material may be selected to appear indefinitely in our Student Materials section of the site.

Look for the first issue of Berry Blue Haiku in June 2010. If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please email us at: berrybluehaiku (at) gmail (dot) com

Gisele LeBlanc
Owner & Executive Editor
Berry Blue Haiku Magazine
Cobalt Crow Productions


Gayle C. Krause said...


Congrats on your upcoming new magazine.

Looking forward to participating in your new venture.

Gayle C. Krause
author of Rock Star Santa

Gayle C. Krause said...


I just blogged about Berry Blue Haiku at THe Storyteller's Scroll. It should also appear on my FB page later today.

I'm spreading the word.


G.R. LeBlanc said...

Thank you so much, Gayle!

It's greatly appreciated. :)

Laura said...

Congratulations! This is very exciting, Gisele! I can't wait to submit something!


G.R. LeBlanc said...

Thanks, Laura!

Looking forward to reading your submission. :)

anitanolan said...

Congratulations on the new publication. I'm unclear if this is for adults writing for children or can children submit as well.

Best of luck!

G.R. LeBlanc said...

Thank you, Anita. At the moment we are accepting submissions from adults, but eventually we will have a section devoted to haiku written by children as well.

katswhiskers said...

Great idea. Thinking concept haiku will be fun to fiddle. And riddles! So many fresh ideas.

Best wishes. Lovely idea.

G.R. LeBlanc said...

Thanks, Kat! I appreciate the kind words!

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